Consumer Awareness Campaigns

Natural Gas Awareness Campaigns

Dominion Energy postcard for natural gas awarness

Above: Dominion Energy natural gas awareness postcard using our exclusive Clearburst™ technology for existing e-pay clients.

Below: Dominion Energy used SNS mercaptan in their statement enclosures for “direct rate payers.”

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Dominion Energy tri-fold brochure for natural gas awareness campaign

Natural Gas, Propane, and Mercaptan Education Campaigns Save Lives by Helping Consumers Identify Leaks.

Natural Gas utility companies are strongly encouraged under American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162 guidelines to develop and implement public awareness campaigns to educate consumers about the dangers of natural gas or propane gas leaks.

By far the most effective way to educate consumers to detect natural gas leaks is to include the actual smell of natural gas in their monthly billing inserts or in mailers, and by DIRECT MAIL to to Electronic payers or residents of master metered buildings. This annual sensorial educational process creates awareness that can save lives.

As a leader in production and mailing in all approaches, Sixth Scents offers turnkey direct mail and insert programs for Natural Gas and Propane providers. Our Aquatouch, Aquaflex, and Aquascreen coatings are available for flexographic, anilox tower, litho, or pattern glue units.

Other products available for natural gas education are:

  • Clearburst™: Clear, two-ply pressure sensitive labels. When the top layer is lifted, scent is released. Approved for application in direct mail.

  • SNS direct applications: Scratch and sniff printed matter and labels, with the scent of mercaptan (natural gas is odorless and this rotten egg smell is added by gas utilities to alert consumers to leaks), are available in both paper and plastic substrates. These can be printed up to 10 colors.

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