Cannabis Awareness

Attracting new customers to a dispensary is often one of the highest priorities for cannabis retailers. However, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

This is made even more challenging by federal regulations against direct interaction with the product at the store level (or before).

recent study also found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits up to 95%.

So, while it’s important to focus on new customer acquisition, it’s even smarter to make sure the customers who know your brands or already shop at your dispensary keep coming back.

Here you’ll find both foundational and creative customer-centric strategies you can implement to cultivate lifelong loyalty at your company or with your brands.

We support both Terpene and Strain specific sampling approaches.

Our samples are 100% USPS approved for direct mail, including dry micro-encapsulated samples.

Please contact us for more information at and we’ll be happy to provide technical and planning support for your team.

Natural Gas Awareness

Natural Gas utility companies are strongly encouraged under American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162 guidelines to develop and implement public awareness campaigns to educate consumers of the dangers of a natural gas or propane gas leaks.

By far the most effective way to educate consumers to detect natural gas leaks is to include the actual smell of natural gas in their monthly billing inserts or in mailers, and by DIRECT MAIL to non-direct rate payers. This annual sensorial educational process creates awareness that can save lives.

As a leader in production and mailing in all approaches, Sixth Scents offers turnkey direct mail and insert programs for Natural Gas and Propane providers, Our Aquatouch, Aquaflex, Aquascreen coatings are available for flexographic, anilox tower, litho, or pattern glue units.

Other products available for natural gas education are…

  • Clearburst™ : Clear, two-ply pressure sensitive labels. When the top layer is lifted, scent is released. Approved for application in direct mail.
  • SNS Labels: Scratch and sniff labels, with the scent of natural gas are available in both paper and plastic substrates, and can be printed up to 10 colors.

Please contact us for more information at and we’ll be happy to provide technical and planning support for your team.