We are the leading experts in creating scent marketing strategies across industries.
Our unique products help businesses connect their brands on a deeper level with customers by integrating traditional marketing tools with the power of scent. Our specialized knowledge in print production and diverse scent marketing products will transform your designs into unforgettable, consumer grabbing campaigns uniquely targeted to your customer.


Scent marketing is a growing trend in advertising and is the latest way to stand apart from the visual and audio barrage that dominates traditional print media. Adding scent to your print material, point of sale display or packaging will create an immediate link to your products and influence consumers purchase decision.

This all adds up to a new way of impressing your company’s brand identity on the memory of the consumer: not just a logo but an olfactory experience. Research has shown that people remember 35% of what they smell, compared with only 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear and 1% of what they touch.

Sixth Scents is the industry leader in helping businesses discover the role scent plays in connecting with customers on an emotional level.


Stand out from the crowd with top quality, attention-grabbing materials that sell your product and enhance your corporate image. We offer decades of expertise in every facet of commercial printing.

From the latest digital machines to old fashion letter press, trust Sixth Scents to produce high quality results at an affordable price. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced and friendly, and we are always ready to answer your questions while providing cost-effective solutions for all your printing needs.

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Did You Know?

Did you know?

People remember 35% of what they smell, compared to only 5% of what they see.
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